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The Additive Manufacturing industry is rapidly changing, with new technologies and organisations entering the market each year. Our experts can provide unparalleled insights into this changing landscape, helping you to assess how Additive Manufacturing will affect your organisation today and in the future.

Market Research

Our experts can provide unparalleled insights into the Additive Manufacturing market. Unlike many market research organisations, Protean Advanced is grounded in engineering; we understand the market challenges and can interrogate data to uncover the complete picture. Our consultants have undertaken research for a wide range of global companies and government organisations, helping them to develop investment strategies and go-to-market plans.

"Independent insight is essential in an industry that is growing so rapidly. We can help you to separate the incremental improvements from the truly disruptive developments"

Technology Roadmapping

Forecasting how AM technologies will develop is a difficult task. It is essential to know what the current limitations of the existing supply chains are, as well as the overlapping areas of research around the world.

Protean Advanced takes a realistic approach when producing technology roadmaps. Using our market insight and industrial expertise, we critically evaluate technology developments to assess the impact on industry. 

"Our consultants use their industrial insight to predict how the AM technology landscape will change based on technology developments and market forces"

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