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Protean Advanced has a rich history providing AM strategy and consultancy for global companies and government organisations. We understand how AM technology will impact supply chains and the infrastructure that is needed to support this. As an independent organisation, you can be confident that our advice is impartial and unbiased.

Strategy for AM Adoption

Having a comprehensive strategy for the introduction of Additive Manufacturing into your business is essential for successful adoption. Protean Advanced’s independent consultants can help you to develop a strategy that is realistic and that will add real value to your operations. As part of this, we will consider which technologies are most suitable for your requirements and what infrastructure and investment will be required to robustly implement them, as well as the skills that will be required within your organisation.  

"Implementing AM Is not just about understanding the technical challenges - you need a robust business case too "

Project Management

Our consultants are highly experienced in the delivery of large, complex projects using Additive Manufacturing. We have supported a range of clients in planning and delivering ambitious projects at all stages of technology readiness. Our experience in the field allows us to ask the right questions of stakeholders and foresee likely issues, reducing the risk to your business. 

"Using experienced consultants to support the management of highly complex projects reduces the risks associated with AM"

Opportunity Identification

For the right components, Additive Manufacturing can be truly disruptive. Being able to rapidly identify candidate components based on their size, material, function and cost can save time and money. Protean Advanced can support you by evaluating BOMs and product ranges to develop new manufacturing strategies and solutions.

Identifying suitable opportunities for applying Additive Manufacturing is a skilled task that requires a deep understanding of both the technical challenges and the commercial implications. Selecting the right opportunities to pursue is especially mportant when you are starting your journey to AM adoption; choosing the wrong components to develop can damage confidence in the technology and reduce organisational engagement. Through our comprehensive knowledge of AM applications and technology, Protean Advanced can help your business to identify and prioritise opportunities for the successful adoption of AM.

"Being able to accurately identify opportunities where AM can truly add value is key to successful implementation"

Training & Skills

A cornerstone of successful implementation of AM technologies is the development of a skilled workforce that understand the subtleties of AM. Our consultants have delivered bespoke training at all levels for organisations across a wide range of sectors. Whether you are looking for an introduction to AM or an in-depth course focusing on a specific process, our consultants and network of partners can work with you to develop a bespoke programme that delivers the skills that you need in your organisation. 

"Before engaging in AM training, it is essential to fully understand the skills gap within your organisation"

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